Map showing various pinpoints representing selections of prioritised sites.

Deployment Planning Solution

A randomised approach to IoT site selection often leads to staggering statistics with revisits and relocations exceeding 35% during the roll-out phase. Site revisits reduce project effectiveness and cause project delays leading cost overruns and requiring further budget.

Welcome to a new era of possibilities. Game changing tools; setting the whole programme up to succeed during delivery and in the future.

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Map showing signal checker tool on the UDlive portal with a description of expected signals at a location and potential problems.

Cellular Planning

At UDlive we have the technology to support our customers to prioritise sites for mass deployment projects by mapping simulated underground CSQ (Cellular Signal quality). Cellular signal can vary significantly from one street to another, preselect sites with good signal to avoid costly external antennas.

  • 2-5% of sites could have no cellular connectivity
  • 40% of sites could face further cellular challenges
  • 55% - select the sites with the best chance of connectivity

Prioritise Sites Without the Need for External Antennas

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Installer inspecting site and UDlive sensor device.

Install Complexity

Our method of preselecting sites with a higher likelihood of success allows deployment teams to gain experience through simpler installations during the initial ramp-up of projects. Installers are also able to approach challenging sites armed with advanced insights, guaranteeing that they possess the necessary equipment and skills for a flawless first-time fit.

60% of sites will have a simpler install than others.

Begin With Optimal Installations

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Charts showing distance to water and measurement reliability over time.

Data Relevance

Your network meta-data is invaluable. Use it wisely and ensure sites are pre-selected with high data relevance to avoid costly relocations, when it is discovered half way through the project that data is of low quality or that the data just is not very useful.

30% of sites will have lower data relevance than others.

Select Sites for Effective Monitoring

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Installer inspecting site and UDlive sensor device. Image background by Freepik

Deployment Success

Consider this: Site-related issues demanding revisits cost a whopping 2.8 times more than straightforward installations.

By reducing site revisits by 17%, whole project savings of 24% can be achieved. Read our article to learn more

Factoring in all associated costs, you could secure a remarkable 15% net savings, all while ensuring superior data quality and accelerating project completion

For more information on how you could save time and money by planning and preselecting sites for your next deployment

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Simplify Installation

Deployment Success

Data Relevance

Manage Cellular Landscape

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