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Pioneering Efficiency in Wastewater Telemetry Deployment Projects


Are your project timelines slipping through your fingers, plagued by frequent revisits and subpar data quality?

Image showing installation of a UDlive sensor in a manhole
Image showing installer inspecting installation of a UDlive device.
Image showing a UDlive sensor device installed over a stream.

Welcome to a new era of possibilities. Game changing tools; setting the whole programme up to succeed during delivery and in the future.

Development Realities

Did you know that:

  • Up to 40% of all wastewater IoT installations could face cellular challenges?
  • 60% will present an easier installation prospect than others?
  • 30% could give lower data relevance due to asset type?
Multi colored pushpins pointing on map

Consequences of Chance

A randomised approach to site selection often leads to staggering statistics with revisits and relocations exceeding 35% during the rollout phase. Site revisits reduce project effectiveness and cause project delays leading cost overruns and requiring further budget.


Digital heatmap showing signal quality
Digital heatmap showing signal quality

At UDlive we have the technology to support our customers to prioritise sites for mass deployment projects. By reviewing the entire catchment for relevant (i.e. underground) cellular reception, ease of installation* and data relevance* to ensure that:

  • Projects are front loaded, delivering both early success and a logical ramp in complexity.
  • Deployment teams gain experience through simpler installations during the initial ramp-up.
  • Installers approach challenging sites armed with advanced insights, guaranteeing that they possess the necessary equipment and skills for a flawless first-time fit.


Our method of preselecting sites with a higher likelihood of success increases the "Fit Right, First Time" rate, mitigating risks and significantly reducing the need for revisits.

Consider this: Site-related issues demanding revisits cost a whopping 2.8 times more than straightforward installations. By reducing site revisits by 17% site revisits whole project savings of 24% can be achieved. Factoring in all associated costs, and you could secure a remarkable 15% net savings, all while ensuring superior data quality and accelerating project completion.

The newfound site confidence and positivity spread throughout the entire project, truly positioning customers for remarkable success.

Steven Cooper, UDlive Customer Success Manager

"Whenever we've employed this approach, it's had a profound impact on project delivery. Not only does it lead to tangible success, but reducing uncertainty also transforms how people act. The newfound site confidence and positivity spread throughout the entire project, truly positioning customers for remarkable success.", says Steven Cooper, UDlive Customer Success Manager.

If you want to know more about our unique solutions for sewer monitoring, please get in touch with us.

* - Customer GIS data required Map image by Freepik Background of embedded image (on socials) by Freepik

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