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What is CAT-M1
Like most LPWAN networks, Cat M1 functions at its best when transferring low to medium amounts of data at a long range.

On average, Cat M1 runs on a 1.4 MHZ spectrum with a transmit power of 20Bm, offering upload speeds between 200 kbps and 400 kbps on average.

This cellular technology benefits IoT applications for numerous reasons.
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Mixing 3D print technologies is great
We got a new toy this week (3D Printing, SLA, FDM, Tooling)
March 8, 2020
Raivis Strogonovs
As a company, we do a lot with plastics; from high pressure injection moulding of steel strong composites to poured urethanes, to constant rapid prototyping and even a little 'rapid manufacturing'. We make sensor housings and we make tools, we make models and even test jigs. This week we got a new toy, in the form of a low cost SLA printer.
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CAT-M1 is great and it's everywhere in Mexico
Testing out low power cellular in Mexico (LPWAN, CAT-M1, IoT)
February 20, 2020
Raivis Strogonovs
A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Mexico, where CAT-M1 appears to be fully rolled out. Now this isn't [just] a post about my travels around Mexico, but also about the power of this technology and how beneficial it is.
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Python 2 SQL Base64 Encoded Data
Converting a Python script to a SQL database script. (python, sql, np.arrange, base64, binary)
February 13, 2020
Raivis Strogonovs
This post needs a little bit of back story. UDLive were working with a Texas Instruments device to drive an ultrasound transciever; the data from the device dump outputs is a base64 encoded string. We needed to be able to analyse these dumps en masse for thousands of devices at a time and drive decisions.
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