Image of UDlive CatsEye II Pixel

CatsEye II Pixel

Low cost level sensor for below and above ground use. Simple install without confined entry, long battery life and precise radar level sensor for range up to 7.5 metres. The ultimate low cost water level sensor.

<10 min

Installation Time

7+ year

Battery Life (subject to usage)



Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel.

Highly Accurate

The CatsEye II Pixel from UDlive is a radar-based sewer sensor that continuously monitors the water levels in sewer chambers at 5 minute intervals. With no dead zones, the Pixel is able to detect from 5cm to 7.5m with millimetre accuracy in wet and dry conditions

A screenshot of a depth chart from the UDlive Pixel as shown in the UDlive Portal.

Believe in Your Data

Most users have a good understanding of what is expected in from their sensors. We collect beautiful, clear data, that shows you when something is wrong or the data doesn't look right. Contact us to find out how we do this.

Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel
Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel

Install Anywhere

Easily install and replace the CatsEye II Pixel in less than 10 minutes. No additional infrastructure required with the use of multi-network cellular (2G, GPRS), low power cellular (4G, NB-IoT, CAT-M1) communications and a 7+ year battery life (with hourly dial-ins).

Image of the components of the UDlive CatsEye II Pixel
  • 7+ year battery life
  • Robust external housing
  • Powerful sensors

Powerful & Robust

The CatsEye II Pixel from UDlive contains powerful sensors and components powered by a 7+ year battery. Encased in an extremely durable and robust external housing with an IP68 rating against dust and water ingress.

Screenshot of the UDlive Portal

UDlive Portal

Market leading ease and efficiency for deploying sensors and capturing installation data. Complement analytics systems with UDlive portal providing effort free device status management.

Learn More
Image of the pages of the UDlive CatsEye II Pixel datasheet.

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